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There is no charge to enter our facility. Come out and enjoy some pizza, play some games and our attractions. You only pay for what you want. All prices already include any and all applicable sales tax.

Game Cards
  • Game Cards are used throughout the facility for the arcade games and attractions.
  • Cards can be purchased from our from our concession counter with cash or a credit/debit card.  You can recharge your card at our front counter if you'd like to add more credits.
  • We sell pre-loaded game cards in $5, $10, $20 and $50 values.  Each $1 will get you 5 credits.  However, the $50 play card is discounted 20% to $40 for 250 credits.
  • If you want to know the balance on your card at any time, just look for a self service "Count Your Credits Here" stand.  It'll let you know what you have left.


  • Our facility has over 50 arcade games and all use a swipe card to play.
  • All  of our Arcade Games take anywhere from 2 to 5 credits to play.  For instance, Monster Drop Jackpot takes 2 credits where Operation Ghost takes 5 credits.
  • Many games give out redemption tickets that can be cashed in for prizes at our redemption counter.
  • Be sure to use our ticket eater to count your tickets; OR, don't wait in line with a big jumble of tickets, you can just bring to the front counter and we can count them instantly with our scale.  However, we do find that many youngsters love to feed the ticket eater.


  • Hydraulic Racing takes 10 credits to play
  • Any one of our Virtual Reality simulators takes 30 credits
  • Laser Tag takes 30 credits


  • A wristband and a signed consent/waiver is required for play on the playground.
  • The cost to play is $7 (tax already included)
  • Wristband is good for the entire day


  • Save up to 25% on combo packages.



Call us: 870-639-1164